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Github Actions vs Azure Pipelines

Sinds 13 november 2019 is GitHub Actions officieel beschikbaar, de nieuwe CI/CD tool van Github. Nu bijna een half jaar verder, ben ik benieuwd hoe dicht Github Actions naar Azure Pipelines is gegroeid qua functionaliteiten maar ook in hoeverre Github Actions al Azure Pipelines kan...

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Learning Kubernetes with the Game of Pods

Recently I finally took the time to dive into the world of Kubernetes with as my ultimate goal to obtain the CKA and CKAD certificates. After I started with quite some theory, I was looking for fun exercises to practice the k8s basics and kubectl,...

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How to use Groovy files to configure Jenkins

Not familiar with Groovy yet? Click the logo to find out more about the Apache Groovy programming language. Example Groovy files to Configure Jenkins A while ago I developed some Groovy files to configure Jenkins from code. Since this is terribly badly documented it took me...

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Terugblik op de Kubernetes meetup @ CINQ ICT

De "Dutch Kubernetes / cloud native meetup" is één van de wereldwijd vele door CNCF gesteunde communities waar enthousiastelingen van de cloudnative wereld bij elkaar komen. Eens per maand wordt op een wisselende locatie in Amsterdam en omstreken een meetup georganiseerd door deze community -...

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How to Dockerize a Go webapp

While I was following a nice tutorial on creating a webapp in Go, I decided to improve this setup by Dockerizing it. This turned out to be quite easy, which made me excited to write this blogpost about it! What to do What are we going to...

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